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Vitals and Virtual LLC

Focused on Wellness

At Vitals and Virtual, we aim to provide quality and comprehensive health and wellness services in order to help all of our clients reach an overall state of well-being in both body and mind. We invite you to open your heart and mind to the exciting prospects and possibilities that we have in store for you.

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A Message from the Owner

We are Healthcare Coordination, Concierge Medical Assisting and Extended Home Healthcare Services.


As a Certified Medical Assistant that has worked in doctor's offices for over 15 years, I've been plagued with a variety of questions or concerns from various patients about their previous or current doctor's visit.


 Patients would call the office back either within the same day that they were seen by the physician or days later after the appointment asking, "What did the Doctor say to me during my visit?" As the CMA in the office, I would relay the information to the patient.  I noticed a pattern from the patients. I, myself, when attending my own appointments, somewhat "checked out" during my personal visits; especially if the information they delivered was heavy.  


Through research and study, I learned that most people wanted or needed someone that was biased to advocate for them to have clear, concise, and understandable healthcare.  Patients just wanted to be talked to in Layman's terms; no fancy medical terminology. Make the information pleasantly receivable to the ear. 


Another concern was in reference to adequate elderly care. Reminding me of the great personal care that my grandmother rendered to others. To honor her, I began offering Compassionate Care to the elderly and terminally ill.  

It is the most rewarding job I have ever performed, and soon after Vitals and Virtual LLC was born!

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1240 Winnowing Way, Ste 102

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466


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